Saturday, February 26, 2011

Bitter Sweet: Part One - Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

"Everything has it's beauty, but not everyone sees it." -Confucious (China's most famous teacher, philosopher, and political theorist, 551-479 BC)

 Today's post is a continuation of the previously written Giving it "ABS"olutely my all!!!! that discussed the personal five week challenge that I was carrying out at the time in preparation for a much anticipated photo-shoot.  I was so excited and pleased with the progress that I was seeing.  I came in 2lbs under the original intended goal weight.  (I was on such a roll that it even inspired me to go farther and take on another challenge.  I planned on starting to train for fitness competition but we'll discuss all this in part two.)

Before you skip down and see the pics., I'd like to take a moment to thank my amazing photographer. Melissa Jean Schutte and my talented makeup and hair artist Tonia Reynosa for doing such an amazing job and taking me from the canvas to a stunning work of art. So here is the finished product:

The rest of the set can be found at:

I have to say that seeing the finished photos was so overwhelming.  It was so amazing to see myself this way.  To see how fabulous and gorgeous the "pictures" are.  But the emotions running were both bitter and sweet.  
I knew I had worked hard to lose some weight and tone up here and there and I was so proud of the pictures but that part of me...the narcissistic part quickly took over.  I started over analyzing each picture.  "Well I could have done that better...I could have worked harder...I could have gotten trimmer...I could have been more determined and dedicated.  I could have lost a little more here and there. I could have worked X body part even harder."    Let's post that intro quote once again....

"Everything has it's beauty, but not everyone sees it." 
Yep, I wasn't seeing it. I could definitely see the beauty in the work of the photographer and see the beauty in the work of the makeup artist, but I couldn't see all the beauty in me.  Don't get me wrong, I said this and will say it again and again and again.  I definitely think that this is something that ALL women should do at one point or another.  It was amazing to see just how beautiful I am or can be but again, I've programed myself to beat myself up so much that I was losing out on the full enjoyment of the pictures in full. 

Any how, a few days before the photo-shoot, I was so excited and feeling on such a roll all around that it had all inspired me to set out on yet another challenge.  For a long time, I have wanted to do a fitness competition.  Be it a bikini comp or a fitness comp.  I know that it's a lot of work and always thought that I have the mental and physical strength to carry it through, but was never really ready for it.   I was certain that after all this, I was "READY".   I went ahead and set up an appointment with a trainer, started mentally preparing for the meals and the training etc., etc., etc.,  I was set! I was on fire... there was nothing that was going to stand in my way.  

Two days after the shoot, I posted the following pics with a caption that read "The stats...i started exactly five weeks from the day of my shoot and I lost a total of 20lbs on the nose.  Today, I started my next challenge which is training for a fitness competition. Consider these WEEK ONE!"  Like I said...I was on FIRE!!!

"Weighed and measured in today 02/01/11.
@ Waist 29"
@ Chest 35"
@ Hips 40"
@ Thigh 23"
As I stated, I came in on Sat 2lbs below my actual goal... and after weighing today, it appears that I gained 2.5lbs back...So for the SHOCKING #...for the DIRTY DIGITS..... weight is 140.5lbs "

I was set...I was ready.... (are you catching on?..."was") .......TO BE CONTINUED!!!


Monday, January 24, 2011

Thoughts on Competitiveness...Masakatsu Agatsu.

This morning, I decided to Google thoughts on competitiveness and I found the following blog post on The Sales Blog by S. Anthony Iannarino, and I was quickly drawn to this statement:

"My drive to succeed is performing at the highest level possible. To beat my previous levels of performance, and to succeed. If I only focused on beating the competition, I would hold myself to a lower standard—frankly, it’s easy to beat competitors. I would also be doing my customer a disservice, because I may not be serving them the best." -Dave Brock at Partners in Excellence On Ethics and Personal Best

Now while this statement pertains to "Salespeople", I very much loved it because for me, that's what summed it up best. I am a VERY competitive person, this is very true.  Come over for game night and you'll see just how bad I can get.  But am I in the habit of competing against friends, family, co-workers, others in the same business field, others of the opposite sex (think relationship woes)?...No, I'm not.

Everyday when I wake up, I consider how I can make today better then yesterday.  What I can do to improve upon myself or to "beat" myself at something from previous days.  Everyday is a new battle and a new competition to be a better me.  Be it through fitness, finances, education, my roll as a mother, my roll as a friend, etc.,  I look to improve.

Being in the fitness industry, you could say that it's a very competitive environment.  As trainers, if we are not constantly working hard to not only keep our own bodies and minds in tip-top shape, but working hard to keep our clients happy and looking and feeling great, we may be quickly forgotten and pushed aside by some  "new craze" piece of equipment, work out video, diet or the newly certified buff and sculpted trainer. 

However, I believe that in this industry, we are all fighting the same battle. The battle against obesity and poor life styles.  We are all fighting for the same help someone feel just a little better about themselves.  And the reality of it is that we ALL bring something different and fresh to the table.  We are not cookies cut out of the same cutter.  We all bring different energy, enthusiasm, knowledge, skills and flat out STYLE to what we do and there are plenty of times where we learn from each other or even need each other.

I have found that as a trainer, I am the one usually doing the motivating, the cheering on, the inspiring and the provider of a certain type of knowledge and discipline.  But question...who motivates the motivator when he/she really needs that boost?  Who cheers them on and inspires them and educates them?  In this industry, it's hard to be real about our struggles when we lack motivation, encouragement and discipline.  No, we don't always wake up and want to go to the gym and beat our bodies for hours.  No, we don't always want to have salad and grilled chicken.  Yes sometimes we want to stay in bed and watch movies all day or eat a big huge cheeseburger. happens.

When we can look outside of ourselves and recognize that we are all in this together, we find that sometimes having that mutual "trainer friend" can be the inspiration and push we need.  They can motivate us and encourage us.  We need to stop fearing that they'll steer us wrong or, on the flip side, are out to get us and steal our shine and our clients.  If you're good at what you do then you should be fearless.  You should be confident that you're solid in what you provide and that those who follow you will know it too.

I'm super lucky to be blessed with tons of friends in this industry who do just that for me. As well as to be blessed with some amazing clients, friends and family who recognize that it is important for me to always be real with them.  And therefor are always there for me when I am having a "lazy" day or a day when I lack that extra 1% of motivation. They quickly swoop in to remind me that I have an abundance of it and to "straighten up little solider".

Today, I majorly lacked the enthusiasm to get out there and compete against myself but for reasons that, after spending a portion of the morning pondering, I have decided are not worthy of my time.  I recently attended a seminar where my good friend Mike Mahler said the following:
"Additionally, being in the wrong relationship is stressful and depressing... We human beings are highly adaptive organisms, which can lead us to dealing with lame situations instead of doing something to provoke major--positive--changes. What we do for a living, and whom we spend time with, impacts our life and it's hard to be happy in a job you hate or around people who drain you. " -Mike Mahler
As competitive as I am and can be, there is one area where I will NOT! compete, or allow myself to be put in a situation where I feel I need to "compete", and that is in a relationship.  Why, because that kind of competition does not make you better or even bring out your "good side".  That's the kind of competition that I'd like to refer to as "Ugly Competition" and unnecessary and I don't need to do it or associate myself with anyone that needs me to do it.  It's the kind that just like in the blog about competitiveness in sales, can bring out unethical behavior, strategies and tactics which will only result in the undoing of one's self or of the relationship.  Like I said, UNNECESSARY!!! 

"In fact, unethical behaviors are not competitive. Unethical strategies and tactics may allow a salesperson to win for a time, but in the long run those same strategies and tactics are their undoing." -S. Anthony Iannarino

It's taken me a very long time to come to terms with who I am and what I offer and most important, what I am worth.  Let's go back to the first quote here, "If I only focused on beating the competition, I would hold myself to a lower standard—frankly, it’s easy to beat competitors".   It is easy to beat the competitors because, I'm pretty darn FABULOUS and no one should ever doubt that.  The way I give working out and everything else I do, my all, I give loving someone and being in a relationship my all and I deserve NOTHING LESS.

I'm pretty simple in the things that I require, enjoy or even need to be happy and yet my day to day life requires me to be very strategic of my choices and actions because I do have two little people who need me, look up to me and above all require me to be happy.  Any time and attention that is not spent with them or on them, is precious and I deserve to be with someone who recognizes, understands and values that and will not need me to "compete"more then I already do in my regular day to day life.  I deserve someone who will be strong and cheer me on and motivate me and  ENHANCE ME.

I love, LOVE, and along with the over abundance of energy and enthusiasm that I embody, I also have an over abundance of love to give to that special someone who truly deserves it.  To quote yet again another friend:

"(I am) In the pursuit of happiness and excellence while living the dream and awaiting for Her (in my case Him) to join me" - Antonio Valverde 

I will continue to set out on this marvelous quest that is life and continue to compete against MYSELF everyday to improve and to be better at everything I do...because everything I do I do for my two angels.
The ones who truly deserve it all and then some...and hey, if I get lucky (and he gets luckier), maybe Mr. Wonderful will FIND ME! and we will be fabulous together. Appreciating each other for our likes and dislikes and just ENHANCING one an other.  Till then... time to get on the spin bike and kick my own butt.


 Japanese phrase Masakatsu Agatsu (True Victory is Victory Over Oneself)

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Giving it "ABS"olutely my ALL!!!!

"Success is intentional.  -  Do you know that in a race all the runners run, but only one gets the prize? Run in such a way as to get the prize.  Everyone who competes in the games goes into strict training.  They do it to get a crown that will not last; but we do it go get a crown that will last forever.  Therefore I do not run like a man running aimlessly; I do not fight like a man beating the air.  No, I beat my body and make it my slave so that after I have preached to others, I myself will not be disqualified for the prize. -1 Corinthians 9:24-27 (NIV)."
Expert from the book Reposition Yourself - Reflections - Living a Life Without Limits - T.D. Jakes

I recently started reading this amazing book by T.D. Jakes when I reached this "reflection" and thought how fitting.  "Success is intentional."  You bet your booty it is.  I've never met anyone who wakes up in the morning and says..."Today I'm going to aim to fail!".   Everyday I wake up and say "Today, I will take on the world!" 

If you've been keeping up with me on Facebook, you know that I'm currently on a five week challenge, presently at mid week four.  Why the challenge? Because I have a photo shoot scheduled for the last weekend of January.  A shoot that I am very excited about and plan to share some of those final pics with you all.  The reason for the shoot?  To show everyone that through hard work, dedication, real food and exercise, a healthy body is very achievable.  Will this be the final product? No, of course not! I'm already plotting the next challenge to follow immediately after.  But again, I wanted to demonstrate to everyone that you don't have to have a "shredded" stomach or be in fitness model shape to look good and be beautiful.  How sometimes, the real deal, curves, a big booty, small breasts, dimples, a little more to squeeze here or there is actually EXTREMELY attractive and more importantly, HEALTHY.  

You've all heard me say that I'm "RAW, UNCUT AND UNEDITED IN 2011" and it's the truth.  Everything you see from me, read from me or that I put out is the real deal.  No fluff no fillers, no fake this no fake that... the real deal.  You've been seeing and will continue to see my success and my failures.

I've been documenting my progress week by week. Unfortunately, most of the pics that you'll see are of my abs, but you can also note the difference in weight drop by noticing the area along the hips. Why just the Abs, because after having two kids, they are my most problematic area.   

So... Here go the goodies...



WEEK FOUR (current status)

"No, I beat my body and make it my slave so that after I have preached to others, I myself will not be disqualified for the prize"

Not to shabby at this point, if I don't say so myself.  I've done it before and can do it again.  
Transformation post 2nd child approx one year ago

On the road back to here. Approx same time last year.

Why, because "SUCCESS IS INTENTIONAL"!   I succeed in all I do because I do it a hundred percent!  Because I bring nothing but straight "Hard-KORP" heart!!!  I succeed because I intend to succeed and I'm just getting warmed up! 

I'm very much looking forward to sharing the finished product pictures with you all and hope that I can not only inspire but motivate you.  Change is with in you.  Make the choice and stick to it.  "Can't" should not be a word that exists in your vocabulary when you're looking to succeed and accomplish.  

"You CAN! and you WILL!"- Luisa Korpi

Dedicating this post to my little bro who is currently serving our country over seas! I love you little brother and you're doing it! The sky is the limit and the world is your oyster!!!...



Belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Shout out to my friends Yoliana & Heidi. 
Hope your days were truly special!

And last but not least...I'd like to wish the very best of luck to my dear friend Ellen Stein in her upcoming Power Lifting competition this coming weekend! As if she needs the luck with all the awesomeness that she already embodies!!!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

"I love....LOVE!!!" ;-)

Not too long ago there was a period of time that I could often be heard quoting Nina Potts Jefferies's,  "Never allow someone to be your priority while allowing yourself to be their option.". However, recently, I started thinking that this quote can hold some negative connotation to it or that the quote just did not seem right anymore. 
While it's a great quote, I realized that the times that I had used it or applied it to my world, were times when I was on the defensive or "putting my guard up" so to speak. Moments of un-comfortability, especially when it was focused on a romantic or matter of the heart.

Keeping with the spirit and the momentum that I've come to build, in which I choose to see the glass "half full" and seek out and find the positive prospective in everything, I came upon the following quote by Dr. Wayne Dyer and immediately fell in love with it. 

"Every person you interact with should feel the inner glow that comes from being appreciated, particularly for the ways in which they express their creativity. A core theme, which strengthens the flow of the power of intention, is wanting for others as much as you intend for yourself." - Dr. Wayne Dyer

I started thinking how, for me, I love being able to make people feel good, no, GREAT!, about themselves. I love being able to give someone a compliment or say a few nice things or do an act of kindness, anything to help that person feel just a little bit better on that particular day.  Do I want or ask for anything in return? No, to be completely honest, just knowing that I was able to make someone smile or cause some type of effect is more then enough for me.

I realized that even in those moments of un-comfortability, moments of defense or of guarding myself in relation to romantic/matters of the heart, that I still want to continue to be ME.  The me that does treat the other as a priority and that will always go above and beyond to demonstrate my commitments and my love.   Why, because I've come to the conclusion that it's what works for ME. It's what ultimately makes ME happy.  It's when I go into that defense mode of thinking that maybe I'm giving too much and falling victim to the influences of a jaded society that is, at times, very much out for "it's self" that I find I start to compromise who "I" am... and that's when things begin to become...dun...dun...dun.. "complicated". That's when the guard really starts to go up and I start to retract.  Decisions and actions get second guessed.  The easy going "flow" of just doing, giving and being me starts to come to a halt and I become..."unhappy".

"Ahhhhhh run for your lives's the return of the "complicated"relationship! Uglier then ugly, scarier then scary, will rip you apart, tear you to shreds, lift you up where you belong ...just to drop you and shatter you again.... yourselves."

Ya know, I've come to terms with this..."I LOVE..LOVE!!!".  If you know know that I do.  And I love "wanting for others as much as I want for myself".  I believe in the goodness and kindness of people. I believe that ultimately we all (men and women), just want to be with someone who accepts and understands us and wants to build us up.  Wants to be our cheerleader, our number one fan but can also give us that "swift kick in the behind" when we need it most.  And for me, I'm happy loving with ALL I've got. I'm happy showering that person in my life with love and affection.  I'm happy making them a priority.  Honestly, if you're going to be with someone and not make them a priority then why even do it?  I'm not in the business of doing anything half-assed, and loving someone is included in that.

Do I know that by being this way I may be possibly setting myself up for disappointments and heart-ache? Sure! But will it stop me from being me and loving FULLY! UNCONDITIONALLY! UNDENIABLY!...(que Meatloaf - I'd Do Anything For Love... hahahah!) ...PURE! and TRUE!?......... Nope!!!!

Dr.Dyer also said, "Remember that your natural state is joy.", well I believe that with that, love goes hand in hand.  "Naturally!"
(WAYNE W. DYER, PH.D., is an internationally renowned author and speaker in the field of self-development. He's the author of over 30 books, has created many audio programs and videos, and has appeared on thousands of television and radio shows.)

I have no doubt that by continuing to "be me" and behaving in my purest, rawest and truest form, I will be and AM! happy and that someday some one will recognize and want for me as much as they want for themselves.  No fairy-tale or sunshine and rainbows...just realistic "You're cool...I'm cool...Let's be cool together" talk.
Best of all, I'm already SUPER LUCKY!!!!  I've got two amazing kids that love me like no one's business.  In their eyes I hung the stars and the moon and for me...they ARE the stars, the moon, the sun, the earth, the sky...they are EVERYTHING!!! 

Happy Birthday to my dear friends Laura and Shawn! Lots of love and happiness on your special day!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The Totem Poll

"A priest, a monk, a rabbi and a lunch lady walk into a bar..."Ha ha ha! Ok, so that's not quite the best set-up that I was looking for but I'll keep working at it. The picture I'm trying to paint or the point, is that what an interesting bunch that would make. 

Recently, I was invited by one of my mentors and guru's to participate in one of his highly sought out seminars this coming weekend.  Well, what an honor this is.  On top of it, I've been invited by him to have dinner with some of what I call "my celebrities".   Wow...what can I say?  Honored, amazed, excited, nervous, humbly proud of myself, etc., etc., You name it, I'm feeling it right now.  

Originally when I saw the list of names of those invited to the dinner, my immediate response and feelings were "Oh my goodness, I'm not going!"...  If you read my first post, I've already explained how, I am actually a very shy and timid person.  Add to that the fact that in this situation, I'm at the bottom of the totem poll compared to the other invitees.  "Phew..." um, nervous does not describe it. 

I started thinking how out of place I would feel, how I would have nothing to say or how I'd freeze up and feel so completely like a kindergartner amongst college professors.  And then it hit me...Didn't I say that this is the year for BIG! things for me?  Didn't I say that this is the year to not "sleep on this kid because BIG things are coming".  My year to be a mover and a shaker and achieve major successes one step at a time? 

I realized that hey, if my mentor and guru who I have so much respect and admiration for believes I belong there amongst this elite group, then "I MUST BELONG THERE!".  Why doubt myself or put myself down and not believe in myself and my talents and abilities?  Sure I'm the little fish in the big pond swimming w/bigger fish, but everyone started somewhere.  Everyone was at one point, a small fish and I've been so graciously blessed once again with such an amazing and golden opportunity to rub elbows with some of "my celebrities" and I should run with it.

After coming to terms with that realization, I quickly reached out and touched base with those invited and I can gladly say that they were all SO WELCOMING and friendly already.  Again, "phew..." What an amazing group and what a sense of relief to know that I'm being so graciously embraced and welcomed by these awesome individuals. 

The emotions now, major major excitement, anticipation, GRATITUDE, humility, pride in myself and yes, still nervous-ness but what can I say I'm sure even the major greats get nervous. 

To add to it all, moments after all this, I logged on to read Jamin Thompson's blog (yet again, someone I'm a major fan of and follow often).  This particular blog post was Jamin's 99 suggestions of how to improve your life and #89 totally stuck out to me.  How awesome and how true....
"89.  Always go to dinner with the best putters. If you want to achieve success it is important to surround yourself with other successful people. Hang around those people who are going to the top and who will be good mentors and role models for you during your quest. These are always the best people to be with when times get tough. They will understand what you are going through and help you."
(Jamin"Jrock" Thompson is an internationally recognized fitness model, actor, fitness expert/author, and sports performance expert.

At a recent seminar I attended, the great Todd Durkin said "Look at the closest people to you, surround yourself with the best and make this your inner circle." This may not be my "inner circle" but again, thanks to someone who obviously believes in me and has been a major inspiration for me, I have the opportunity to spend some time with these individuals.  
(Todd Durkin is a strength, speed, & conditioning coach, personal trainer, bodyworker and motivational speaker/coach.  He is the 2004 IDEA and 2005 ACE Personal Trainer of the Year.  Men’s Journal has named Todd one of the top 100 trainers in the United States and top 5 in Southern California. Owner of Fitness Quest 10 & Todd Durkin Enterprises)

So it's not a priest, a monk, a rabbi and lunch lady, but it's...

a "7 time IPF Master World Champion and Multiple State, National, American and World Record Holder, FEMALE power lifter...The Amazing...Ellen Stein!", 
a "Level II Dragondoor RKC certified, Duncan family's Way of the Winds System black belt, holistic health counselor and trainer...Gregory Landess", 
a "CSCS, CPT, author,owner and founder of Peak Performance gym (rated #3 gym in Amer. by Men's Health Magazine) with a list of over twelve highly regarded and accredited certifications and titles, one of the most highly sought-after fitness experts in the world...Joe Dowdell", 
a "Member of Board of Directors and Medical Staff Advisor for AIMLA, certified in FMS and SFMA, columnist for Dynamic Chiropractic Journal and owner of Pain Laser Center, LLC... very insightfull Dr.Perry Nickelston, Dc", 
a "Personal Trainer/Kettlebell Instructor who's certifications include RKC, AKC and IKFF... the incredible Michael Sanders." 
a "NSCA CSCS*D, CGFP-3, certified at the highest level by the Titleist Performance Institute as a golf fitness professional, one of twenty, level 2 K-Vest certified Instructors in the United States and Director of Golf Performance for Elite Health Services, LLC.,.... The super talented Ali Gilbert.", 
a "Strength Coach/Fitness Writer/Fitness DVD producer,known as one of the leading experts on effective kettlebell training for size, strength, fat loss and conditioning, author of three best-selling kettlebell training DVD's: The Kettlebell Solution for Fat Loss and Mental Toughness, The Kettlebell Solution For Size And Strength and Kettlebell Solutions For Speed And Explosive Strength, as well as two best-selling kettlebell training e-books: The Aggressive Strength Kettlebell Training Manual, The Aggressive Strength Solution for Incredible Kettlebell Training and The Aggressive Strength Solution for Size and Strength, respected writer who has written over eighty articles for publications such as: Muscle & Fitness, Men's Fitness, Hardcore Muscle Magazine, Planet Muscle, Testosterone Magazine, Ironman Magazine, Ironman Magazine Japan, Industry Magazine, and Exercise Magazine For Men, who's work has also been featured in Muscle & Fitness, UPN News, and CBS News, my guru and mentor...the most amazingly aggressive, Mike Mahler!" 
and last but certainly not "up and coming rising star, one not to be under estimated with big things to come certified Personal Trainer.....the FABULOUS...ME!!!! :)

Point of the story is... don't under estimate yourself.  BELIEVE IN YOURSELF ALWAYS because you may not see it or recognize it but somewhere, someone BELIEVES IN YOU!!! 


I'd like to take this moment to thank MIKE MAHLER for your wonderful guidance, patience, time, generosity and most of all for believing in me and for giving me this wonderful opportunity to further my knowledge and better myself.  FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART... THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

It's YOUR life.

“The best day of your life is the one on which you decide your life is your own. No apologies or excuses. No one to lean on, rely on, or blame. The gift is yours - it is an amazing journey - and you alone are responsible for the quality of it. This is the day your life really begins.” -Bob Moawad (Author of  Whatever It Takes: A Journey Into the Heart of Human Achievement)
Recently, I was having a chat with a friend who I greatly admire.  We were discussing the importance of family and the influence that they have on our choices, decisions and at times our overall path to happiness.  Now this friend of mine is very family oriented which I not only think is a great quality but am proud that he embodies.  Growing up as the last girl in a family of four kids and two very religious parents, I too am very family oriented and greatly value the influence and support that family has to offer. However...I thoroughly believe that this is in fact "YOUR LIFE" or "My life" to live.  
In other words, while I value the advice and guidance of my parents and older siblings, or others of my family figures. I believe that we are all given this wonderful gift of life for us to live and do what we can with it.  My parents, for example, have had their opportunity to live their life. To make their own mistakes.  To experience their own happiness, sadness, successes, failures, ups and downs.   And while it seems that we always try to do the right thing to make others proud of us or to find some type of reassurance or acceptance from others, we need to recognize that sometimes by doing that, we are setting limits on what could truly be "our" happiness.  
Times change, people change, society changes.  Evolution happens.  What was once considered the norm or acceptable may not be what is now the best approach for success. There was a time when being Judy Cleaver was what depicted the image of a happy woman.  But does that still hold true today?  Not necessarily.  There was a time when a woman in the gym meant doing some sort of perky jumping while rotating our torso side to side and our hair flowed gloriously.  Is that necessarily what holds true today? 
As I said, times evolve, people evolve, society evolves, beliefs evolve and so should we.  Our parents and family are there to guide us. Key word: Guide. Not to live our lives for us or to define what it means to LIVE our lives.  Mistakes, trials, tribulations...success, happiness.  They are yours to take and make your own. Live your life but remember that...
"you alone are responsible for the quality of it". 

I'd like to take a moment to thank every one who tuned in yesterday and so graciously welcomed me in to the "blogosphere".  Once again, thank you for your love, support and encouragement.
If you have not already checked out my fan page on facebook, please do so. We are currently working on a 21day fitness/health challenge.  On day four but you can still hop in.

Lastly, "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!" to my dear friend Maria.  I love you and hope that today brings you lots of happiness and love and that you take this opportunity to LIVE YOUR LIFE to the fullest babe! 

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Introducing ME!

Hi... (tap..tap...tap...)                  Is the mic on?  Sooooo, hmmm, I am.
(A little stage fright here..."Picture everyone in their underwear...Oooh wait..that won't work.. Ok...breathe...breathe...breathe")

"Ahhhhhhh..."Ok, all set!

So here I am. Who would have thought that putting a blog together as well as your thoughts together would have been so challenging? But here goes, a little brief intro in to who I am and why I'm starting this blog.

My name is Luisa Korpi.  I am a 30 year old certified personal trainer, chef, chauffeur, house keeper, book keeper, team manager, nurse/doctor, cheerleader, coach, lobbyist, mediator, personal assistant, counselor, handy woman, tickler, private investigator, boogie wiper, friend, super hero, etc., etc., etc., You name it, I am it. I wear many many hats but the one I love wearing the most is the one that says MOM on it. I am a mom of two wonderful kids! (a single one at that). 

"Step right up and witness the 8th wonder of the world. She can cook, clean, fix an oven and perform minor surgery all while goblet squatting two gorgeous kids. Yes ladies and gentlemen, it's the amazing LUISA!"

The reason I decided to start this blog is simple.  So many of us (men/women, single or not) day in and day out are experiencing challenges and hardships as well as successes and moments of glory and yet we feel alone.  Well, you're not and I'm here to keep it as real as possible for all of you out there willing to listen.  I'm here to share my stories of trials and tribulations as well as success, for anyone that is willing to listen.

I have had my share of ups and downs and have always come out saying "It could always be worse" and have made it a point to learn from them and EMPOWER myself.  Be it through fitness, love, education or simply reality.  I hope that I can share my experiences, thoughts and ideas with you and hopefully help EMPOWER you too.  Life is hard...come at it even HARDER!

Thanks for tuning in and I look forward to your comments and thoughts as well.